Núria Añó introduces a biography on Salka Viertel

“A very interesting story and I think even in these very current times since in my eyes we have not made much progress on the issue of acceptance of ‘interpersonal feelings’ in general. A great and extremely interesting book about Hollywood in the thirties and forties about the influence of artists from European countries such as Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, England, Ukraine and others. An extensive and high-quality research project resulting in an in-depth account of many well-known and famous personalities and their interpersonal relationships.”

Joannes W. M. Groenewege, Translator

Transcription in English

Hello, I am the author Núria Añó and on this occasion, I would like to present my new work, which is a biography: ‘The Salon of the Artists in Exile in California‘.

It is the biography of a woman, Salka Viertel, who had to go into exile in the United States because of Nazism.

She first arrived there as the “wife of” a film director but she was able to emancipate herself there, was able to work as a screenwriter and found employment as a screenwriter for Greta Garbo; she wrote about five screenplays for her.

And well, there in the United States, she also owned a literary salon, where the great European intellectuals of the time used to go.

Among others, the brothers Heinrich and Thomas Mann, Bertolt Brecht and many people from the German, French and English intelligentsia, such as Christopher Isherwood, and many other people attended.

I think this biography is very interesting… I began to speak about it as a result of a colloquium I attended some years ago, in Jaén, at the International University of Andalusia, and I wrote an article of about ten or twelve pages.

Then, as I found her story very fascinating, of how a woman succeeds during that era and can get ahead as a woman in a world like Hollywood.

And because of all the things she did, I kept on investigating and looking for more information about her, to the point that I decided to do this biography, which I present to you.

I hope that, if you read it, you will find it as fascinating as I did.


The biography on Jewish scriptwriter and salonnière Salka Viertel was first published in Spanish as EL SALÓN DE LOS ARTISTAS EXILIADOS EN CALIFORNIA in 2020. Then it was translated into English as THE SALON OF EXILED ARTISTS IN CALIFORNIA and into Greek as Το σαλόνι των εξόριστων καλλιτεχνών στην Καλιφόρνια.

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The biography on Salka Viertel “The Salon of Exiled Artists in California” is available in these languages:

ESPAÑOL (EL SALÓN DE LOS ARTISTAS EXILIADOS EN CALIFORNIA): 2020 ISBN: 9780463996102 (eBook) 1658631633 / 9781658631631 (Paperback)

ENGLISH (THE SALON OF EXILED ARTISTS IN CALIFORNIA): 2020 ISBN: 9780463206126 (eBook) 9798647624079 (Paperback)

GREEK (To salóni ton exóriston kallitechnón stin Kalifórnia): 2020 ISBN: 9781071555637 (eBook)

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  • Pamela

    I really enjoyed this intimate look at a very interesting woman who brought together writers, musicians, artists and Hollywood stars in the 40s and 50s in her home in Santa Monica, CA. From her friendship with Greta Garbo, to her own acclaim as a woman screenwriter in Hollywood, Viertel is brought to life through this well researched and enjoyable book by author Nuria Añó.

  • Markus

    Una biografia muy interesante!! La recomiendo!!